What has been the tourist effect of Soprnos being filmed in New Jersey?

When Sopranos put their official application to film in New Jesrey the council was split about what effects this would have on the city. The last thing that the city of New Jersey wanted was more attention on itself as the setting for a mafia flick.

The entire premise of the show was about the mafia being weak – and incapable of being a threat compared to the Mafia outfits in other American cities. The mafia was on the verge of decline – and New Jersey would be the back drop for it.

Little did we know just how much work the filming would bring into the city – and Sopranos survived for over 10 seasons – becoming, arguably – one of the greatest shows ever produced – especially one of the greatest crime shows ever produced.

The show was shot near the Strip mall which became known as Tony Soprano‘s main workplace – the Bada Bing. Then there was Albery Street -w which was converted to the deli – where the mob took care of more serious business.

In looking back – having the Sopranos filmed in New Jersey was a blessing – and has contributed much to our bottom line. And in fact many New Jersey hotspots are now tourist destinations for Sopranos fan – who want to be closer to the action and see exactly where places were filmed.

We hope to be welcoming to any HBO or any other production shows that can bring work into our area – we have many filming locations and we have a lot of experience in dealing with film studios.

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Happy filming!

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