Thomas Edison: a Proud New Jersey Native

Ohio proudly makes claims that it is their native son that Thomas Edison is. In reality, it was only for a few early years in his childhood that Edison stayed in the Buckeye State.

Edison is a well recognized and prolific inventor. It is New Jersey which made him a superstar at both, technological and commercial levels. Edison did some of his most important work in New Jersey. There are two sites in New Jersey where his most important inventions and his memories are preserved.

Edison found financial success with inventions such as stock ticker. He used his money to create a huge research laboratory in 1876. This was over the land he had purchased from the unsuccessful NJ housing development firm, Menlo Park.

At Menlo Park, he created two of his inventions that transformed the world. He made the electric light bulb and the first sound recording device.

Research and industrial development programs are nowadays more commonplace. Edison was the one who got it all started. His lab had a team of experts, a change in trends from 19th century inventors who would work alone.

Menlo Park lab is still open for visitors. Years after the facility was non operational, Ford, who was a good friend of Edison, moved the left back belongings of the lab to his museum. He then got the place reconstructed.

While the premises are not too large, guides try and make fine tours to Menlo Park Lab.

Following Menlo Park Lab, Edison moved to a Queen Anne-style mansion. It is known as Glenmont, and Edison purchased it from a previous owner in West Orange.

At Glenmont, Edison set up his new company and laboratory. Presently, the West Orange laboratory and the mansion make the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

The building and its contents have been preserved till date. Edison’s three storied office and library is the centerpiece of the park. They are in the Main laboratory building.

In the office, one finds Edison’s huge collection of books, along with the mementos and awards that he received.

Edison died in 1931, but remains a household name till date.

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